Punctuation Guidelines for Writing

Putting spoken words in writing is a difficult task. In spoken words, tone variations are employed to indicate emphasis and, whenever appropriate, a brief pause is used to separate thoughts and ideas. In writing, you can only express these through punctuations. At myhomeworkhub.com, we have expert writers who are equipped with skill and knowledge proper punctuation for emphasis, and other effects. The following is a brief guide of one of the most common forms of punctuation.

The comma

Comma is the most common punctuation mark used and also the most improperly placed in writing. Knowledge about when to use (and when not to use) a comma is critical. Below is a preview of examples of proper comma usage.

A comma should always be used to separate clauses

A sentence with two independent clauses should always be separated by the correct conjunction, and by a comma as well.

Example: It was dark outside, so James had to use a torch.

The same is executed for two dependent clauses, as well as following an introductory phrase.

Example: When moon light came, James was happy to see clearly.

Commas are also used to separate multiple elements

When you have three or more elements in a sentence, a comma is usually used to separate them. The comma is optional before the last item but is commonly used within academic writing.

Example: James needed his torch, jacket, and an umbrella before he could walk in the dark.

Commas are used to separate non essential elements

Commas are also used in a sentence containing an aside or a piece of non-essential information.

Example: James’ torch, yellow in color, was bright enough for the night.

Commas in dates

Commas are used to separate months from years and days from weeks anytime they are listed side by side.

Examples: October 5, 2016

Wednesday, 05, 2016

04 December, 2011

Commas in quotes

Commas are also used in quotes in order to separate what is being quoted from the narrator’s writing.

Example: “I am tired of doing assignments,” James said, “the work is too much”.