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Caps Off to the Capstone Project

A capstone project is mandatory requirement for qualification in different types of courses, whether involving a Master’s degree or an honors level course. The requirements of this paper will vary per the course and the teacher. It is usually accompanied by a given set of pertinent requirements. A capstone project involves solving a real problem or challenge that is found in each area of study. It is a kind of applied academia where you must show you have fully understood the concept as well as its real-life applications. It is usually a big project, commonly running into tens of pages. Its long flow will take a lot of time in research, writing and editing. A solid plan is the first step in handling a capstone project. Organization will help arrange the details of the capstone project in a systematic manner.

How to Handle a mega Capstone Project

A mega-capstone project can be broken down and tackled simply by devoting time and energy to it.

  • Always choose your topic first and do a lot of research to build ideas that will aid in defining your thesis.
  • Next, set up the outline of the entire capstone project and prepare the schedule to keep your work on track.
  • At this stage, your thesis should have a flow.
  • The supporting information of your choice, obtained from extensive research, will be a guide to presenting a top-notch project, full of relevant facts.

Components of the Capstone Project include:

  • Title page that sums up what your project is about;
  • Abstract that gives an overview of your project, describes the problem or challenge you are going to assess and what purpose this project will serve;
  • Copyright page to ensure protection of your work;
  • Introduction which sets all up and includes the research methods used;
  • Findings should be listed with their results and the limitations encountered;
  • Conclusion that will summarize and will leave off ideas for improvement around your topic;
  • References page to shows sources of your literature and pages of acknowledgements

The final actions to your capstone will be to proofread, edit, adopt and adapt before handing in the capstone project. Make sure you recheck to remove any remaining errors.

Questions to Answer when Writing Capstone Project

  • What problem or issue is being addressed?
  • Why have you chosen this particular project?
  • What is the purpose of your project?
  • How will you complete your project?
  • How will you measure your results?
  • How can you identify the level of the project’s success?
  • Who is your intended audience?
  • What is the format of the final paper?
  • What kind of visuals is needed for the project?
  • Are the appendices a necessity to the project?