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It is imperative to follow a clear and consistent structure when writing on any assignment. Having a uniform structure will help arrange your work in a systematic manner and will make your paper neat. Your work should be arranged in a logical and concise manner. There is a common, simple, five-part structure format that consists of an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion, which you can use easily to write your assignment. Introduction and conclusion are always the most crucial parts in assignment writing since they make your paper logical and easier to follow.

Introduction should always be a summary of all the topics to be discussed in the body part. The main ideas should be briefly explained in the introduction. With a good introduction to each topic, it becomes easy to expand on ideas and arguments that you introduced. Enough evidence should always be used to support a given idea or an argument and each of these should be explained on individual paragraphs. Whenever explaining the ideas, it is always good to arrange them systematically in a manner that they will flow logically from one to the next. The final part of the writing should be a conclusion where main ideas are tied back to the topic and where the writer’s analysis regarding the topic is expressed.

An assignment will always look presentable if the above steps are followed.